The Memo That Fixed Space?

Posted: August 27, 2010 in Uncategorized
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From DoD Buzz:

With the stroke of a pen Air Force Secretary Mike Donley engaged one of the most complex bureaucratic challenges faced by the service: how to buy, build and manage satellites and the rockets that move them into space.

Please.  The memo that fixed space, eh?  Oh wait…this was the memo that engaged space’s complex bureaucratic challenges.

If it was as easy as signing a memo, as Geico would say, a caveman would have done it, and long ago at that (well, when cavemen first went into space, anyway).

The Secretary knows this will be a long and difficult slog, as General (Retired) Bruce Carlson at the NRO can also attest.

The memo(s) in question, as they say in missile warning, are under investigation…more to follow.

Space, So Easy A Caveman Can Do It


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