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The DADT repeal effort has all the classic marks of a cram-down;¬†why ask anyone their opinion when you’re going to ignore it regardless?

About a year ago, and less than a week after 77 House Democrats called on the administration to quit enforcing DADT’s ban on homosexuals serving openly, Secretary Gates said he would seek a more ‘humane’ use of DADT.

Later, in February 2010, CJCS Admiral Mullen in a DADT appearance before Congress testified he was in favor of open homosexual service but that the issue required significant study by the Pentagon.

Now its reported that Mullen has approved a deal for Congress to vote on DADT repeal despite the fact the Pentagon study of the issue is incomplete, a change in position from his earlier testimony.

Mullen has often said he views the issue of open homosexual service as an ‘integrity’ issue.


Politico dispels the assumption that a DADT repeal is a done deal.


  • Legislative entanglement with other issues and reconciliation challenges/disconnects
  • Push-back to abide by the promised methodology (a study first and then legislation if warranted)
  • Lack of a clear 60-vote majority in the Senate

JCS Chairman Mike Mullen has said he favors DADT repeal and that he has served with homosexuals since 1968.

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