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Check out the latest National Space Studies Center article which addresses the preeminence of U.S. space leadership, especially regarding space launch.  It appears at this week’s The Wright Stuff.


Check out the latest National Space Studies Center posting via Air University’s The Wright Stuff.

The National Space Studies Center will be leading a seminar and attending the Air Education and Training Command’s Symposium in January 2010.

Our focus will be on Space As A Contested Environment, which is a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Special Area of Emphasis.
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This article originally appeared in Air University’s The Wright Stuff.

The U.S. National Space Policy says the government shall use U.S. commercial space capabilities and services to the maximum practical extent, to include purchasing commercial capabilities and services when available and meeting needs.

Regarding communications and followed to a logical extreme, that policy direction means that most and perhaps all space-based military communications should be commercially provided. To meet that need, U.S. Space LLC is trying to get their nose under the tent and provide services that are both responsive and meet military needs. Traditional “exquisite” satellite capabilities–especially for something like comm, which has taken on commodity-like characteristics–won’t cut it, and if you don’t believe it, take a look at the demise of TSAT in the FY10 President’s Budget.

If Boeing, Northrup-Grumman, and Lockheed-Martin are the Infinity, Lexus and BMW of the space industry, U.S. Space appears to be looking to be the Hyundai…domestically produced, of course.

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Read all about Space as a Contested Environment, which has been designated as a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Special Area of Emphasis (SAE). The article appears in Signal Magazine, one of the truly authoritative voices of the defense community. The SAE itself was sponsored by Maxwell Air Force Base’s National Space Studies Center through the Air War College.