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The Russians warrant scrutiny.

Let’s see: public announcement Russia will provide fuels for Iran.  Despite being off-limits via the recent UN sanctions, selling Iran S-300 air defense systems hasn’t been waved off.  Also, Iran is capable of making trouble in Russian “areas of influence.”

This means the administration will have to keep sweetening their deals to keep the Russians holding fast to their current position, which regarding Iran, has recently supported general U.S. actions.

Wonder if the spy trade was part of the sweetening?  That could have been embarrassing…

This also brings to mind the reliability of the Russians in important things like missile warning and missile defense.  We need stone-cold reliable partners and it would take a hand-waive of miraculous proportions to describe the Russians in such a manner.


Iran.  The UN.  Sanctions. Vietnam.  Gradual escalation.

Will the fourth time be the charm?  No.  Iran is too determined and capable. Also, they have too much cover for sanctions to have their desired effect.

What’s the saying?  Something like ‘insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.’

Does this make us insane?  No, but if we think this will cause Iran to give up their nuclear program, our assessments are…detached.

Well after hitting the missile defense reset button, it looks like Russia may be, er, reevaluating their position regarding Iranian sanctions.


Russia will do whatever it thinks it needs to do to improve its position in the region, and if possible, the world.  Glory days, brother, like when the Spetsnaz, was ten feet tall, bulletproof, and invisible. 

Unrest is good for fuel prices, and chaos is great.  And Russia sells fuel.  It seems to be a congenital weakness that Russia is unable to look beyond the present.