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The fact the U.S. military serves as a social engineering sandbox for the civilian authorities in the three branches of government isn’t new. But now, the U.S. Navy and its handlers, led by Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, have become the best of the best; the poster child of the poster children. The Navy has won the politically correct Golden Ticket.

Not content to merely support the DADT roll-away, the Secretary of the Navy is out naming ships for American heroes like John Murtha and trying to do the same for Caesar Chavez.

What’s next, the USS Alger Hiss? A fleet of Chevy Volts for all those on shore duty?

While the President may have directed the Global War on Terror be renamed Overseas Contingency Operations, and acts of terrorism are Administration-described as "man-made disasters" or the Fort Hood massacre as "workplace violence," there’s much more.

Now, it’s the Navy’s war on common sense and man-made intellectual disasters. How so? Instead of buying fuel at market prices, about $4 per gallon, the Navy has decided to buy 450,000 gallons of non-food biofuels — at a cost of $16 per gallon.

From the Fox News link above:

The purchase is being authorized by an executive order under the Obama administration’s "we can’t wait" campaign.

Administration officials gave no indication why they’re not going through Congress, instead using a program that was established to promote rapid job growth by bypassing congressional debate.

For those who think political correctness doesn’t exist (and sometimes drive things) in the military, think again.



in the navy

Why are so many of the Navy’s ships’ captains being ‘fired’ these days?

The analysis comes from Captain Kevin Eyer, U.S. Navy (Retired) of the Navy’s unreleased Fleet Review Panel report.  Eyer’s article is in the U.S. Naval Institute’s Proceedings Magazine:

…In short, the percentage of ship captains being relieved must be, and is, inevitably rising.

Because he can’t blame the institution itself, its training, selection processes, or the culture of military-political correctness, the Chief of Naval Operations is therefore constrained to blaming the individual:

One can only suppose that the CNO’s (negative) remarks were motivated by the large number of line commanders being relieved in 2010. That, or he may have been prepping the battlefield in anticipation of questions on exactly why so many were being relieved. Indeed, in September, he specified that those COs being fired in 2010 were “complete idiots.” He was presumably referring to the why in that comment.

That characterization should be especially troubling, since those officers are, quite literally, the best we could make, sorted out over decades of the most command-competitive time in recent history. How could these SWO captains be so good, so groomed, so successful, so ferociously competitive and yet become idiotic at such a high rate?

Has it always been like this?  Absolutely not:

So has the metric for success as a commanding officer changed since the 1980s? Certainly. Mission accomplishment took a distant back seat to myriad other considerations because we could suddenly afford it.

OK, what drove the Navy into the arms of military-political correctness?

…after 1989 and the Soviet Union’s collapse, the Navy fell into an unchallenged peace so profound that we could reflect deeply on topics considered to have been trivial in the past. Our best minds were turned loose to busily pursue previously “other” issues, while the government tried to find a new global strategy to inform our military’s mission. Then, this rising tide was immeasurably spurred by the 1991 “Tailhook” debacle, which set the stage for dramatic social change. We had no enemies except, it seems, ourselves.

Do the other services face the same challenge?  Without question.  What’s the impact for America?  Diminished national security.