No Ride To The Space Station? BFD (Big Fat Deal)

Posted: November 15, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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Yes, three space passengers astronauts rode a Russian Soyuz to the space station yesterday. As a result, there is much weeping and gnashing of teeth at the ignominy of having to depend on our reset friends for a ride to space. Were there such a thing as space rated sackcloth, many would be wearing that as well.

Frankly, Americans (in general) should care less.

Want to know why?

First, it’s because manned space manned space programs provide nothing but prestige, if that.

Next, the manned space portion of the domestic space industrial base has been hopelessly lost to crony capitalism.

Finally, short of a blown booster or failed spacecraft, the space station is the least-value-on-space-investment ever. Am I anti-space? Hardly, but if you want value from your space programs, think robotic space.

So why is China pursuing a manned space program? They’re flush with cash (likely), need to employ a ton of engineers and scientists (certainly), and the aforementioned prestige. But mainly, they need to develop a heavy-lift booster which can be used for their unmanned military and intelligence missions.

Who should care that America currently lacks a domestic ride to the space station? Mainly those whose livelihoods depend on the domestic space U.S. government (that is, NASA)-industrial complex. They’ve managed to create and preserve a sanctuary of space work for themselves that adds little to no value to the nation.


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