Why The Third World Digs The UN

Posted: August 31, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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The third world (in this example, Cuba) generally digs the UN.  Why?  It’s a sweet jobs program that makes them feel important.

Check out the heart-felt angst and disappointment of Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Abelardo Moreno Fernandez as relayed by Defense News:

"For more than a decade, it [the UN International Conference on Disarmament, of which Cuba will assume the rotating presidency] has failed to produce a single treaty or international instrument," he told the official communist party daily.

Hmm.  I suppose Cuba chairing the UN Human Rights Commission is a bridge too far.  Libya?  No, it’s too soon.  And Iran was probably too busy with the IAEA to run the Conference on Disarmament.  OK, Cuba it is!

Here’s a little background on the UN International Conference on Disarmament:

The conference, created in 1979 and based in Geneva, Switzerland, aims to be a forum for negotiating international disarmament, but Moreno said it has underperformed in fulfilling its mandate.

Switzerland?  The last really good thing to come out of there was Deep Purple’s Machine Head album.  I’d offer that if the UN put the delegates in a Somali dumpster until there was an agreement, things might move a bit faster.  I mean the Department of Defense is hard-over on earned value management in its acquisition programs; maybe there should be progress payments (versus labor hours) to the UN in this sort of endeavor as well? 

No, that won’t work either because Moreno says none of the important players want in on the multilateral arms control game:

"This [failure] is because the major nuclear powers are not interested in seeing the existence of an agreement on the subject of nuclear disarmament," he added.

So have the Global Zeros woken up to reality?  And if what Moreno says is true, what’s the point in keeping the Conference on Disarmament anyway?  Easy: it’s all about the jobs, the Geneva lifestyle, and the UN bureaucracy/power base:

Moreno dismissed as "off the mark" moves by some countries which he said have looked for ways to sidestep the U.N. conference and seek other venues for nuclear disarmament talks, which the Cuban diplomat said would constitute a "dangerous step backward."

“Dangerous step backwards” as opposed to a moronic step forwards?  Or a quasi-safe step sideways?  Or how about a truly safe step backwards (I could do this all day…)?

To try to reach a nuclear accord by working outside of the United Nations, "is to minimize its importance," at the very moment when the world community should be working "to preserve and strengthen it," he said.

The circle is thus squared by Moreno’s “explanation” in which the UN’s importance (and that of arms control itself) is self-evident.

Don’t forget you can’t hug with nuclear arms and viva la arms control non-revolucion.

(image: Jerusalem Post)


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