Breaking space news from 1961

Posted: August 27, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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all it takesIn a bit of news from April 12th, 1961 Friday, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden offered up the following:

"Despite what you may have heard," Bolden said, "human spaceflight is not ending." Bolden [also] said humans will walk on another planet in his lifetime.

Of course the moon is not a planet and asteroids are sometimes described as minor planets or planetoids.  And Bolden is 65.

So was the Huntsville Times rephrasing what Bolden said?  Both Bolden and the Huntsville Times could have easily used the more precise term “asteroid” (versus “another planet”).  A manned trip to an asteroid is Obama’s stated goal for NASA (and by 2025). 

Regardless, current realities means Bolden’s bold Nostradamus act is at serious risk.

Finally, ‘people’ aren’t limited to Americans; the description encompasses Chinese people as well.

Maybe the Obama goal of 2025 is a typo: “What we meant to say was 2525.”


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