Laugh Your Guts Out

Posted: August 25, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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The HuffPo headline Does Climate Drive Warfare? A New Study Suggests There’s No Question is one of those that asks its own question and then…answers it as well.  (Note: writing that sort of lead saves time and thinking.  Brilliant!!)  What’s the article say?

…numerous books and studies have sought to explore the complex connections between the environment and social friction. But the need to do so has gained increased currency — and urgency — not least because many climate scientists believe that the cyclical climate patterns driving weather in many of the world’s less developed regions will become more frequent and more intense as average global temperatures rise.

That notion helped inspire a new study conducted by a team of researchers at Columbia University’s Earth Institute. Indeed, what [Tropic of Chaos author Christian] Parenti hypothesized anecdotally through [the violent death of Kenyan farmer Ekaru] Loruman’s story and profiles of myriad other conflicts brewing across the globe, the researchers attempt to quantify statistically — perhaps for the first time.

“Big oil” is often accused of holding a particular point of view.  Think an “Earth Institute” might have an already drawn conclusion?

The analysis, to be published Wednesday in the journal Nature, reveals a striking connection between global climate and civil conflict…

So how does global warming climate change climate confusion cause war? 

… [rival tribes are in] conflict over resources, but also from a toxic cocktail of poverty, Cold War militarization and climate [change].

Poverty, envy, power, and conflict over resources explain just about everything about wars’ genesis, actually.  However, it would appear the great wars of the last century (to include the roughly 50 million deaths of World War II) actually preceded “Cold War militarization” and “global warming.”  So what explains them?  (Note: crickets)

Question: so what’s the way ahead on this important topic?  Answer: seek more money!

Still, not everyone is convinced. Halvard Buhaug, a senior researcher at the Center for the Study of Civil War in Norway said he was intrigued by the study’s findings, but he said far more research was needed.

From whence might such research money come?  Maybe the Department of Defense:

Last year, the Pentagon noted for the first time in its Quadrennial Defense Review, a congressionally mandated evaluation of the nation’s military doctrine, that climate change might play in global conflict.

Of course, the QDR is a political-military document and not a scientific document.  Similarly, the phrase “might play” is a qualifier of great significance.


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