Missile Defense and the Russian Resistance

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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For missile defense, the system that critics say (in order) won’t ever work, costs too much, is easily defeated with countermeasures and (finally) would be destabilizing to international relations, the Russians sure seem to take it seriously.  (By the way, there’s a final question to ponder: why weren’t we doing this before?)  From Defense News:

Russia cautioned the U.S. and its NATO allies Aug. 8 against plans to extend an anti-missile shield into northern European seas.


"The very fact of deploying U.S. military missile defense infrastructure in the Northern seas is a real provocation with regard to the process of nuclear disarmament", said [Russia’s ambassador to NATO Dmitry] Rogozin at a press conference.

(Begin sarcasm font) A part of the Russian disinformation campaign, I’m sure. (Close sarcasm font)

Rogozin holds out “the process of nuclear disarmament” as both a stick (nuclear disarmament is at risk unless missile defense plans change radically) and carrot (the nuclear disarmament process can continue if the missile defense plans are radically revised).  Of course, only the U.S. is disarming under New START, so maybe Rogozin’s threat could actually benefit U.S. national security. 


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