Iran Says It Will Send A Satellite To Geo

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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iranian salvo launchWhen the Iranian Students’ News Agency says that Iran is going to place an indigenous satellite in geo-synchronous orbit, we need to raise the global warming climate change climate chaos flag. provides a bit more clarity saying the launch will be done “in the near future.”

I suppose this all comes down to how you define ‘in the near future.’  But let me offer a very brief bit of advice on this: don’t hold your breath. 

Iran is much more interested in space launch that looks like ballistic missile testing than it is in developing the big boosters (and upper stages) needed to get to geo, even for relatively modest geo-using payloads.  And doing this in the near future?  Pure propaganda pap.

Or… (Begin sarcasm font) could this reflect a profound Iranian breakthrough in propulsion? (Close sarcasm font)


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