Russia Still Freaked-Out About Missile Defense

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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Russia has been unable to make progress with lower-level U.S. politicos on missile defense.  This makes the Russians unhappy.  Their plan is to now try and backdoor the whole bureaucratic process and go directly to the President at an unspecified-yet-upcoming face-to-face meeting with Medvedev.  Meanwhile, higher-level administration politicos are saying the administration “would not accede to any deal limiting U.S. antimissile options.” Sounds like the lower-level politicos are just following orders, right?

And what are we to make of the Russians and their dread fear of missile defense?  One thing comes to mind: they must think missile defense has a pretty reasonable chance of upsetting their strategic nuclear apple-cart.

How else to explain the alternating and yet unending Russian drum beat of good cop (“there are no grounds for pessimism” for U.S. concessions on missile defense) – bad cop (if “Russia does not discover itself as an invited nation in this [NATO] missile defense architecture, this will cause great problems in our relations")?  You can’t.

The Russians are surely preoccupied with this thought: missile defense can hold nuclear weapons and delivery systems (Iranian, Russian, et al) at risk.  And if the President of the United States had a chance to stop a Russian nuclear weapon from impacting on U.S./allied soil by using this missile defense system, it would be used. 

Who, to paraphrase President Merkin Muffley, could face the history books with the chance to stop (with missile defense) one of the greatest mass murder attempts (a nuclear attack) of all time only to fail to do so?  Short answer: no one.


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