China is why COIN is Toast

Posted: July 31, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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When USA Today runs a lengthy article about the growth of military power, ambition, and territorial bullying of China, you know one of three things has probably happened: 1) rogue reporter, or 2) editors asleep-at-the-wheel, or 3) they’re paying more attention to China. 

As the Pentagon plans for U.S. forces to exit Iraq and Afghanistan, it is keeping one eye trained on the rising threat in the East. For two decades China has been adding large numbers of warships, submarines, fighter jets and — more significantly — developing offensive missiles capable of knocking out U.S. stealth aircraft and the biggest U.S. naval ships including aircraft carriers.

At the same time, China has announced that its territorial waters extend hundreds of miles beyond its shores, well into what its neighbors and the United States consider international waters. It has installed more than 1,000 ballistic missiles aimed at Taiwan, a democratic island nation and U.S. ally. Vietnam, the Philippines and Japan all have complained to the United States about confrontations on the high seas with China.

Later, USAT even quotes the American Enterprise Institute!  What’s next, an expert from the Heritage Foundation?!

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