Russian Reset and Quid Pro Quo

Posted: July 27, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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reset_buttonThe Russian reset has never been anything but a quid pro quo deal: they get something they want (a national-level ego stroke by the U.S. plus cash) for addressing Afghanistan resupply issues and in buying renting another voice (pretty much) favoring Iranian nuclear containment.  The administration claims a foreign policy victory (photo op, New START, non-proliferation, needed logistical access to Afghanistan, etc.) even as the U.S. national security benefits of the treaty are non-existent. 

Now, the whole reset deal may go off the rails.  Why?  Because the Russian leaders may have their feelings hurt if the United States passes a law criticizing Russian human rights violations and taking action against those complicit in such crimes. 

Think the law will ever be passed?  Me neither.


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