The Global Zero Lunacy: Delusion-Based Un-Reality

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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The Global Zero Summit was recently held in London and was touched on by the Institute for Defense Studies and Analysis (IDSA).  What can we immediately glean from the small amount of information offered to this point?  1) That Geneva, Vienna, Brussels, and/or Paris must have been booked solid and 2) more important but less congenial hosting locations (like Pyongyang, Tehran, and Islamabad) will continue to ignore the issue of ridding the world of nuclear weapons.

The zeros (which concurrently describes their goal, the likelihood they will achieve the goal, and their realism) have a success-oriented phased approach to rid the world of nuclear weapons.  Phases one and two (2010-2013 and 2014- 2018) predictably task the U.S. and Russia to lower their weapons count; first to 1000, and then to 500 each. 

Things get even more humorous with phase three (2019 – 2023).  Phase three is when the miracle occurs.  During the miracle phase, we get this:

Negotiations on a Global Zero accord are to occur in the third phase (2019-2023), and finally “complete the phased, verified, proportionate dismantlement of all nuclear arsenals to zero total warheads by 2030.”

Obviously, phase four entails the taking all the weapons apart, dissipating the components, knowledge, information, and machinery needed to create nuclear weapons and delivery systems.

Is it possible, you might ask, that the Global Zero’s plan was actually authored as a civics project, complete with poster-boards, chronology, and pasted-on word pictures by Mrs. Ripper’s sixth-grade class at Burpelson (NJ) Middle School?  Sadly, it only seems that way.

So while politics may be the art of the possible, Global Zero is the very definition of fantasy.

(very cool image:


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