Losing Fan Support On Iran

Posted: July 22, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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nextOn Iran and its drive for nuclear weapons, the Administration has lost a traditionally reliable supporter, the editorial board at the Washington Post.

ACCORDING TO a recent story in The Post, the Obama administration is “quietly toasting” the success of international sanctions against Iran.  


We don’t begrudge the White House a toast or two over these developments; the administration has worked hard and relatively effectively to make the sanctions work. But it’s important to note a stubborn reality: There has been no change in Iran’s drive for nuclear weapons or in its aggressive efforts to drive the United States out of the Middle East.

If anything, Tehran has recently grown bolder.

After observing that Iran is just a short hop, skip, and jump away from having the highly enriched uranium they need, and having demonstrated a credible “space launch” program, the Post closes with a question:

The bottom line is that the threat from Iran is not diminishing but growing. Where is the policy to reverse that alarming trend?

Could Iran still have some sort of national-level Berlin Wall movement?  Possibly, but in that regard, remember the West was able to fill the power vacuum (and the USSR held the nukes anyway).  So regarding Iran’s nuclear program, it seems sanctions are having a slowing effect, sabotage, cyberwar (Stuxnet) and wet ops are having a slowing effect, but the thing that will cause a stopping effect is yet to be found.

There’s little doubt that the Post is advocating starting the prep work for direct action as the tactic of last resort.  The lesson of history is if you want peace, you prepare for war.  I wonder if the Saudis are whispering in anyone’s ear on this situation?

Once Iran goes nuclear, in time the entire region is likely to become nuclear proliferated.  Global zero, anyone?

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