In The Real World, Bad Ideas Die; In Washington, They Get More Funding

Posted: June 20, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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The Conventional Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), last rejected by the Senate in 1999 continues to get pushed by the administration.  So is it green to recycle bad ideas? 

Check out the in-house CTBT take-down here, or today’s NRO version here.  From the NRO link:

We haven’t tested our nukes since 1992. (Yikes!) Since then, Pakistan, India, and even North Korea (originally a non-nuclear-weapons state under the Nonproliferation Treaty) have tested nuclear devices. Iran continues its nuclear-weapons program at full throttle, and all the other nuclear states are modernizing their arsenals. Russia and China, for example, are almost certainly conducting low-yield nuclear-weapons tests.

The biggest problem with the CTBT, however, is that eliminating the testing option makes it virtually impossible to maintain a safe, reliable, and militarily effective nuclear arsenal. Testing, after all, can provide crucial information about our nuclear-weapons stockpile, which has atrophied considerably since the end of the Cold War.

Guess what?  I still got a fevah.  And the only prescription is more arms control.

…and the only prescription is more arms control.

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