Where Would Space Be Without Nazis?

Posted: June 19, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War

Defeat the Space Huns!

As we wait for the release of the sci-fi/camp/comedy flick Iron Sky, new interest in the Nazi’s is emerging: did they or did they not have a space program?

While the Nazis had rockets, which for them served as long-range artillery, they didn’t have a space program.

Still, just as the German rocket-community was interested in the works of Bob Goddard, Nazi rocketry likely provided a significant nudge towards space if nothing else:

"I think the space age would not have arrived till many years later," [Wernher von Braun biographer Bob] Ward says, "War, sad to say, spurs technical advancements, whether it’s in aviation or virtually anything else. Space flight was inevitable, but it would have taken a longer time to get under way."

So if Ward is right, space was inevitable even as the Nazis continue to serve as an eternal fount of ideas for the entertainment-industrial complex.


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