New START: Where Are The Russian Nuclear Weapons Cuts?

Posted: June 15, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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Keith Payne, the godfather of clear-minded arms control thinking, examines the promised yummy goodness of the wholesome New START:

The results of the data exchange on U.S. and Russian strategic nuclear weapons required under the New START treaty were released by the State Department on June 1. They demonstrate conclusively the truth of what treaty skeptics had said for months: The treaty brought the United States nothing in terms of lowered Russian force numbers.

The Russians haven’t lowered their nuclear forces?  Then what was the purpose of the treaty?

The catch here, and the undoubted source of considerable amusement in Moscow, is the now-indisputable fact that only the United States must make actual reductions under New START.

If this is the Russian reset, perhaps we should take a mulligan.

Or a less disingenuous but more politically difficult position could have been pursued, to unilaterally disarm/cut/stand-down U.S. nuclear forces instead of effectively doing just that but calling it a mutual reduction.

If the CTBT wasn’t already still-born, these sorts of New START revelations won’t help it any.  The lesson: when you’re desperate for a foreign policy “victory,” you’ll do desperate things.

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