A Nonproliferation Victory

Posted: June 13, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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Congratulations to all those friendly forces involved in the low-speed sea chase which culminated in an intercept and redirect of some missile technologies headed from North Korea to Myanmar.

However, it was a “rare victory”…

The extent of that trade [between North Korea and Myanmar] is unclear to American intelligence agencies…

…the ship was North Korean, but it was flagged in Belize [and when the Navy] caught up with the cargo ship and hailed it, asking to board the vessel under the authority given by Belize. Four times, the North Koreans refused

…the Americans did not have definitive proof of what was in the containers — and a mistake would have been embarrassing

[so] the White House was unwilling to forcibly board the ship in international waters, fearing a possible firefight

The challenges are great but it’s encouraging to see North Korea get busted.  Still, how many of their shipments make it through undetected?


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