Robert Gates, Russia, and the Elusive Missile Defense Agreement

Posted: June 11, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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gates and russiansWhat exactly does Robert Gates hope to achieve  regarding a missile defense “agreement” with Russia?

Defense Secretary Robert Gates today lamented delays in reaching agreement with Russia on a U.S.-led NATO missile defense system, saying a “long history of hostility and wariness” will take time to overcome.

An agreement would be done in order to serve some purpose, so just what is the purpose? 

Is it to get Russia to quit whining about missile defense (or other things) in general?  Is it entanglement (that is, share warning information, sharing technology, or even paying for Russia having their own anti-missile “button” to push)?  Is it to get Russia to shut up about backing out of New START?  Is it to burnish the Gates legacy and be able to lay claim to a groundbreaking new relationship with the Russians?  All the above?  None of the above?

“I still think there are those in Russia who are skeptical of our motives,” Gates said today.

There are those in America who may be skeptical as well.


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