Iran’s Nuclear Journey

Posted: June 7, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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Largely drown out by domestic news (Weinergate, poor economic news, the onslaught of emerging political news, etc.) is the fact Iran’s march towards nuclear weapons and delivery systems appears to be soldiering on.

Yes, the march has been abated by things like Stuxnet, infiltration, sabotage, Iranian ineptness, and the ‘loss’ of key Iranian nuclear leaders, but as the Temptations would tell us, the (nuclear) band plays on.

Soon—perhaps as soon as two months—Iran may be in a position similar to that of North Korea.

No, I don’t mean having a starving population or destructive, despotic, and deranged leadership, but rather, having the materials for a nuclear weapon.  Such a step might well provide the Iranian regime the survival insurance that being a nuclear weapons state has thus far provided.

Let’s start placing more effort on constraining nuclear proliferation and less on bilateral nuclear arms control treaties with Russia.

I say these things with certitude.


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