What’s An Arms Controller To Do?

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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Let’s say you’re part of the arms control industry: you are passionate about arms control agreements as an ironclad method to enhance security.  Although your position doesn’t really have historical success on its side, it has emotion, motherhood, and (of course) the children.

But the U.S. public yawns at arms control (and maybe that works to your advantage) and legislators are skeptical, in part because the post-Cold War arms control paradigm still only has the two usual suspects, the U.S. and Russia.  Why do so many ignore your arms control wisdom?

The solution, of course, is to get your message out.


In the Moscow Times where you take-to-task Russians who are worried that missile defense will work and will diminish Russia’s national power.    

It’s interesting how arms controllers know much more about what it takes to enhance security than do the politicos, the military, and certainly, the public; perhaps they can come up with a nice state-run economy while they’re at it?


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