Nigerian Spacepower

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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Yes, Nigeria has a launch in the queue:

BARRING last minute hitches, Nigeria will launch two satellites into the orbit before the end of this month…The satellites, known as NigeriaSat-1 (sic) and NigeriaSat-X…would be a follow up to the NigeriaSat-1, which was launched some years ago.

That (sic) thing in the quoted text is because the first spacecraft is actually NigeriaSat-2.nigeriasat

Their stated purpose is to provide a complete set of high resolution images of the country which will be updated every four months.

The mission was delayed from the last half of 2010 but now—based on public statements—appears to be ready to go.  Based on who you read, the Sat-X was either developed by Nigerian engineers or the small satellite stud-muffins in Surrey.

The ride to space will be on a Dnepr launch vehicle, a slightly modified SS-18.

I think this effort (UK spacecraft developers, Nigerian engineers, Russian launch vehicle) confirms the ‘space is competitive’ thing.  Left unsaid is if China financed/helped finance the effort.


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