Growing U.S.-Chinese Arms Race?

Posted: May 23, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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Is there a growing U.S.-Chinese arms race?

Absolutely not.  You can only have an arms race when two or more racers are racing.

The U.S. is not racing; China is racing on its own. 

That’s what happens when the government is flush with cash, the military is highly ambitious and seems to be disconcertedly disconnected from civilian leadership, and when you have thousands more engineers and technocrats and manufacturing capabilities than your economy can digest on its own. 

The U.S. is looking at massive defense cuts and despite Robert Gates’ protestations, he will soon be leaving the building.  Literally.

Looming U.S. defense cuts seem to make it hard to imagine we’re racing against the Chinese.

Yeah, we may spend ten times as much as China, but if their labor rates are only ten-percent of ours and we have five times the security commitments, who is really spending more?


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