NASA’s Manned Space Flight: The Cheese Gets More Binding

Posted: May 19, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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nasa punching bagThe NASA meatball is turning into a punching bag. 

Key members of the U.S. Senate have given NASA until June 3 to produce a plethora of documents and other data detailing the agency’s efforts to comply with a 2010 law that requires it to begin work on a heavy-lift launch vehicle and crew capsule capable of manned missions beyond low Earth orbit.

Yeah, they’re only authorizers, but it’s still going to leave a mark.

This is the predictable consequence of what happens when manned space flight lacks an understandable, publically supported, and executable vision.  And when any of those three characteristics are missing, the program just doesn’t work (metaphorically, not technically).

Is the angst and gnashing of teeth regarding this (new space versus old space and all that) really about power, money, and control?  It is?!  I’m shocked, shocked!


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