I Want To Testify

Posted: May 18, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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Congressional Space Testimony from Gen. William Shelton, Air Force Space Command on the command’s FY12 $12.1 billion request (and a few other things as well):

The PNT (AKA GPS) request is $1.7 billion (comment: thankfully, Shelton didn’t call GPS a free global utility).

UAVs are to be called RPAs, remotely piloted aircraft (comment: what’s in a name?).

There was a 150% increase in space-detected infrared events due to vast improvements in battlespace awareness delivered via SBIRS hosted IR sensors (comment: with the launch of SBIRS Geo-1, this will go up more; however it won’t be FOC for over a year).

The NPOESS “restructure” means a $445 million request for the Defense Weather Satellite System (comment: consolidation doesn’t always work).

“Each week JSpOC conducts over 7,000 space object conjunction (collision potential) screenings…”  (comment: is the next great “free” global utility space situational awareness?). 

The EELV request is $1.76 billion (comment: I have no idea how many boosters we’re talking about, what their configuration is, or what the per unit cost is).

The cyberspace request is $1.9 billion of the $12.1 billion.

As a great man said, if it ain’t funded, it ain’t.   


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