Henry Being Henry

Posted: May 18, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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kissinger and friendChina: can’t live with ‘em (naked military build-up of historic proportions and intellectual property thief), can’t live without ‘em (massive buyer of U.S. government debt and manufacturer/ sweat shop to the world).

From Newsweek regarding half the original Dr. Strangelove, Henry Kissinger (the other half being Herman Kahn):

Eighty-eight years old this month, he remains without equal as a strategic thinker.

Without equal as a strategic thinker.  I can remember when a girl I knew from school said she thought Kissinger might be the Anti-Christ.

But Henry still has things to say and books to write sell.  Henry’s even known for being a China fan-boy, or at least for reaping big consulting fees from them.  But he still doesn’t seem completely comfortable with China.

In Kissinger’s own words, China’s rise could “make international relations bipolar again,” ushering in a new cold (or possibly even hot) war.

What all is going on here?  Here’s a hint:

This volume [that is, Kissinger’s new book On China], much like his 1994 book, “Diplomacy,” is also a sly attempt by a controversial figure to burnish his legacy… It is a book that promotes Mr. Kissinger’s own brand of realpolitik thinking, and that in doing so often soft-pedals the human costs of Mao’s ruthless decades-long reign and questions the consequences of more recent American efforts to press human-rights issues with the Chinese… (snip)

Mr. Kissinger is even more chillingly cavalier about the tens of millions of people who lost their lives during Mao’s years in power and the devastating fallout of his Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution.

Legacy burnishing?  Revisionista?  Hedging?  Human rights violation apologist and hand waiver?

Other than these things, Kissinger remains without equal as a strategic thinker.


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