Russia Follows The Arms Control Script

Posted: May 16, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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It’s about as predictable as the day is long: Russian President Medvedev is following the arms control script on missile defense.  Just what is the arms control script?

  1. It’ll never work.
  2. It’ll cost too much.
  3. It’ll destabilize international relations.

Medvedev is at step three.  The proof?

Systems to protect Europe from missile attack risk being ineffective and a threat to stability if they do not include Russia, President Dmitry Medvedev warned May 14.

It’s kind of sad and pathetic and is reminiscent of what Yeltsin was doing in the late 1990’s with regard to the same topic. 

While the desire for non-squawking Russians is pretty powerful at this moment, bluster and bluff don’t normally go very far, and as the saying goes, we ain’t playin’ beanbag here.


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