The WikiLeaks Dude Goes Full Retard

Posted: May 12, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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This is a bit hard to explain. It exceeds the simple irony alert or the hypocrisy holler.  Is Julian Assange that far off his meds?

Today, the New Statesman can reveal the extent of this legal eccentricity as we publish a copy of the draconian and extraordinary legal gag that WikiLeaks imposes on its own staff.

Clause 5 of this "Confidentiality Agreement" (PDF) imposes a penalty of "£12,000,000 – twelve million pounds sterling" on anyone who breaches this legal gag.

Twelve million pounds is about 20 million dollars.  For leaking regarding WikiLeaks.

Why the stiff fine, Julian?  It’s because Assange has realized he’s marketing leaked materials for (begin Dr. Evil voice) money.  What the market will bear.  The highest bidder.  The cabbage, the green, the dough-ray-me. (end Dr. Evil Voice)

And a friendly head nod to Kevin Poulsen at Wired on all this.

And remember, you still can’t spell Assange without those three letters, a-s-s.

Oh.  As to that full retard thing…feel the thunder.

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