IDF to invest in cross-linked space comm

Posted: May 12, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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Say you’re Israel and you have a pretty robust set of satellites including some very capable radarsats.

The problem: they’re in these darned pesky orbits and the downloads for what they’ve gathered only happen when the satellites are crossing the polar region (the Star Trek hover orbit is not authorized in the real world).  The effect keeps you from getting the satellite’s product real-time, just when it’s likely to be most valuable.

What’s a nation to do?

For time sensitive stuff, which is what Israel is all about given the short warning times and proximity to dangerous neighbors, you make those sensor satellites cross-linked with relay satellites.  That way, the space-gathered product can be space-delivered to you real-time without having to wait an annoying (up to) 90 minutes to find out what said sensor satellites saw.  See?

But if Israel can do it for millions (a typo meaning billions?), maybe the U.S. should partner with Israel soonest.  Either that or they’re not talking about USDs.


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