As reported by Inside the Ring:

Undersecretary of State Ellen Tauscher, who has been leading U.S.-Russian missile defense talks that are largely kept secret from Congress and the public, was given a demotion of sorts, Inside the Ring was told by a senior U.S. national security official.

Well, if report is true, why would she be demoted?

Mrs. Tauscher, a former Democratic congresswoman from California, has annoyed colleagues and critics with her abrasive style.

OK, annoying colleagues and critics with an abrasive style is a bad thing.  A worse thing is when the negotiations aren’t thought to advance U.S. national security.

Word from the Pentagon is that Mrs. Tauscher is no longer the lead Obama administration official for the U.S.-Russian talks on missile defenses, which the administration has been holding with Moscow and working toward what critics on Capitol Hill have said is the questionable goal of concluding a technology-sharing agreement with Russia.

Instead, the Pentagon’s Jim Miller, principal deputy undersecretary of defense for policy, is now the key negotiator, even though Mrs. Tauscher technically will be in charge overall.

Alexander Haig was also famously in charge after President Reagan was shot.

Read about the Defense Technology Cooperation Agreement (the aforementioned technology “sharing”) here.


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