Let Us Therefore Square the Circle

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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Yesterday’s blog was on funding cuts, including Barney Frank’s proposed $200 billion cut per year and the President’s $400 billion cut across multiple years.  That can be followed up by today’s report that no matter what, all is well:

"Even given the reductions the president has asked us to examine, we believe that there will be large and fairly stable markets available for the defense industry," he said. "We do not see a precipitous decline like the one the department and industry experienced at the end of the Cold War."

This is because "we are not seeing a fundamental change in the national security situation," and the United States continues to face threats, which DoD’s budget must continue to address…

Perhaps this all gets back to the meaning of “fairly stable markets,” “precipitous decline,” and “fundamental change.”

It seems to me there will be fundamental change to the national security situation: budget shrinkage.  The real issue is which programs/services will tagged as the bill-payers.  Nuclear?  Bill-payer.  Missile defense?  Bill-payer.  End strength (that is, manpower)?  Bill-payer.



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