Vigorous, intensive, bilateral consolations

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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Russia really wants a missile defense deal; the U.S. and NATO, not so much.

Washington has stated it would never place any NATO state’s missile protection in the hands of Russia.

Why would Russia want a missile defense deal?  I’d say it’s because they’re terrified that missile defense works.  They keep saying the same and we keep dismissing it:

A shared missile defense framework would address the Kremlin’s worries that NATO could use its missile interceptors to undermine the Russian strategic deterrent…

The evidence of how bad Russia wants this includes addressing the Europeans as “partners.”  That’s called carrot.  Then Russia says they’ll have to plus up their missiles and warheads unless they’re made missile defense partners.  That’s called stick.

A partnership implies a relationship of shared risks and benefits.  It is unclear how the Russians will mitigate any missile attack risk unless they build a new radar in somewhere with a great look angle (like Georgia). 

However, the technology and power benefit Russia could reap by having a veto on their proposed jointly operated missile defense system is self-evident.



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