What do Stuxnet and Chernobyl have in common? Epicness (one success and one fail)

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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Is Stuxnet the best five man-years investment in national security of all time?  If all this is true, perhaps.  From Pajamas Media:

…Stuxnet has wreaked serious and perhaps fatal havoc on the foundations of energy structure and the operating systems of the Bushehr nuclear installation. According to the Green Liaison news group, over the past year and a half the Bushehr plant has incurred serious damage and has lost major capabilities.

Stuxnet: the national security gift that keeps on giving.  Hopefully the Stuxnet team will earn the maximum on their award fee.  In the mean time, Iranian cyber defenders are on the case.  However…

…claims as to the actual production of these active (cyber defense) national systems by the (Iranian) security authorities are said to be a bluff — nothing more than a pretense to mask the complexity of the virus and ultimately Tehran’s lack of engineering expertise in this area.

But wait, there’s more!

Due to the extra attention on the industrial sectors of the country, all of which are stationed in southern Iran, the danger for the virus to strike other parallel industrial systems that are related to the energy sector is entirely possible.

So how messed up is Bushehr?

…last week, the Iranian parliamentary committee stated that the Islamic Republic would probably have been better off building a new nuclear power plant from scratch instead of constantly trying to finish the decades-old Bushehr.

What’s the current state of play?

Bushehr was supposed to join the power grid last year, but in March the fuel was removed from the reactor due to technical difficulties. The Russian contractors building Bushehr announced on April 8 that refueling of the nuclear plant was once more underway.

Hopefully these are the same Russians who helped with Chernobyl.  BTW, twenty-five years ago today…


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