Update: It Could Easily Be Accomplished With A Computer

Posted: April 25, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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UPDATE: no, it isn’t just Apple.  Google is doing it as well.

Remember Don’t be evil?

Original post follows.

muffley and strangelove_thumb[1]The movie: Dr. Strangelove.  The setting: the world is about to be destroyed by the Doomsday Device.  The President’s dilemma: who should be chosen to ride out the upcoming nuclear war?



Well I… I would hate to have to decide… who stays up and… who goes down.


Well, that would not be necessary Mr. President. It could easily be accomplished with a computer.

Yes, much can be easily be accomplished with a computer.  Slow down Iran’s nuclear weapons program?  Check.  Mine your Facebook account?  Check.  The police pulling data off your smart phone?  Check.  Monitor your every movement via your iPhone or iPad?  Check.

"We’re not sure why Apple is gathering this data, but it’s clearly intentional, as the database is being restored across backups, and even device migrations," the security experts wrote in their blogs.

George Orwell was ahead of his time.


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