Once Again, How Do You Make Money In Space?

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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From a Yahoo article which starts things off by talking about an Elon Musk attended fund-raiser for the Obama 2012 campaign (at almost $40k per plate) and then transitions into a more…uncomfortable subject.

…the Musk/Obama partnership has been a very profitable one for both parties. Obama has funneled tens of millions of dollars, with much more promised, to Musk’s companies. Musk has given tens of thousands to Democrats and Democratic causes, with more to follow.

This shift toward Democrats contains great peril for Musk, however. The House has been taken over by Republicans, many of whom take a dim view toward what they see as crony capitalism going on in commercial space.

So is it possible crony capitalism is as important for new space as it is for traditional space? 

Remember the rule of thumb on how you make money in space: sell goods and services to the government.


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