The Runaway General? Not.

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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On the cover (well, maybe an interior page and below the fold) of the New York Times:

An inquiry by the Defense Department inspector general into a magazine profile that resulted in the abrupt, forced retirement of Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal has cleared the general, his military aides and civilian advisers of all wrongdoing.

Oh really?

Pentagon investigators said they were unable to confirm the events as reported in the June 2010 article in Rolling Stone, and the inquiry’s final review challenged the accuracy of the profile of General McChrystal, who was the top commander in Afghanistan.

Over to you Michael Hastings and Rolling Stone.

Eric Bates, the executive editor of Rolling Stone, said on Monday that he had not seen the Pentagon’s final inquiry but that the magazine stood by the article as factually correct. “It’s accurate in every detail,” Mr. Bates said.

Every detail, eh? 

After the profile was published, General McChrystal was recalled by the president to Washington, where the general accepted responsibility for all actions by his staff and resigned.

It would seem that McChrystal accepted responsibility for the actions of his staff that could not be proven, did not occur in the context described, or possibly didn’t occur at all.

Stephen Glass, Jayson Blair, and Walter Duranty were not available for comment.


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