Missile Defense Works (Again)

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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sm-3This time the test was to intercept an IRBM in ‘the most challenging intercept to-date.’

It worked.  The forward-based TPY-2 and ship-based SPY-1 radars each did their thing; the satellites gave stereo ‘birth to death’ target tracking; the interceptor acquired, maneuvered, intercepted, and destroyed the target.

No wonder NATO wants this capability at little to no cost to them.

Now if we can only get China to loan us more money to pay for this capability.

From the MDA press release:

(This) is the 21st successful intercept, in 25 attempts, for the Aegis BMD program since flight testing began in 2002.  Across all BMDS elements, this is the 45th successful hit-to-kill intercept in 58 flight tests since 2001.


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