China and SpaceX

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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From Aviation Week:

China’s space industry remains hopeful it can do business with the U.S., despite a renewed chill in relations.

Apparently we need relational global warming climate change with China or perhaps a Chinese reset button in addition to the existent Russian reset.  Or maybe the chill was about to expire and it needed to be renewed?

But I digress: the point of the article is China says it can’t compete on price with SpaceX.

(E)xecutives at China Great Wall Industry Corp. are finding it hard to believe that California-based Space Exploration Technologies Inc. (SpaceX) is offering lower launch prices than they can.

Hard to believe,” eh?  So reading between the lines, you might think that China is accusing SpaceX of some sort of unfair trade practice, loss leader, nose-under-the-tent effort, or too-good-to-be-true deal and is proclaiming the same to the commercial space world.

SpaceX may want to batten down the intellectual property firewalls if they haven’t done so already.

When China says they want to do business with the U.S., that means 1) sell us a service or 2) snag some tasty technology/intellectual property. 

Maybe China agrees to buy more U.S. debt in exchange for ‘benign’ technology transfers with the U.S.-based SpaceX?  While there are huge legal barriers, such things are capable of changing relatively quickly.


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