SpaceX’s Steps Into The Mega-Rocket Market

Posted: April 5, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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SpaceX is to space launch as Hyundai has become to the automotive industry.  And I mean that in the absolutely most positive way possible.  In both cases, we’re talking about value that can’t be ignored.

SpaceX’s planned Falcon Heavy, based on three Falcon 9s merged into a single launch vehicle, is certain to shock Lockheed Martin and Boeing.

How so?

First, with a massive lift capability, up to 117,000 pounds to low earth orbit, over twice that of a Delta IV heavy.

Next, with sticker shock.  A Falcon Heavy is likely to run about 40 to 50 percent of the cost of an Atlas V or Delta IV.

All other things being equal (don’t dismiss EELV’s perfect to-date mission success rate), we’re talking twice the lift at half the price.  The government will ignore that at it’s own peril.

At those prices, the government could do a couple of risk-reduction flights and still be light years (ok, a really long way) ahead on the fiscal front within only a couple more Falcon Heavy launches.

Will the space launch incumbents employ legions of lobbyists and lawyers in response? Don’t be surprised.

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Vehicle
  1. Harold Hamm says:

    I have an innovation which I think would be rewarding to SpaceX. It involves lifting heavy objects into space without using fuels or chemicals. If yoy think someone at SpaceX would be interested, I would appreciate the persons name & email address to explore the possibilites.

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