Ariane 5 Abort

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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Hair-raising is one way to describe the Ariane 5 abort which occurred after the main engine had fired for several seconds.

Like the space shuttle, the Ariane 5 rocket’s core cryogenic main engine ignites seconds before twin solid-fueled boosters, giving computers a chance to gauge the vehicle’s health before firing the strap-on motors, which can’t be turned off.

Actually, there’s one way to turn them off: the command destruct (that is, the safety self-destruct) package.  But you get the idea.

Obviously far better than a failure, this anomaly will blow the Arianespace launch schedule out of the water. 

Beyond just the anomaly resolution (expect it to be blamed on a glitch; just a prediction), all sorts of space hardware would have gone to internal (battery) power, ordinance may have been expended on the umbilical pulls, etc..

You don’t get many of these!

Can the pucker factor exceed 100%?



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