The Little Discussed Impact of the German Security Council Abstention

Posted: March 30, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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What if they held a UN Security Council Resolution and no one came?

That’s not what happened with the resolution regarding Libya, but it wasn’t too far off either with Brazil, Russia, India, and China abstaining.  Gee, that spells BRIC, doesn’t it?

But there was one other abstention that didn’t fit into a historical pattern: Germany.

What’s the possible impact if Foreign Minister Guido (yes, that’s his real name) Westerwelle continues to rule the German foreign policy day?

(It’s) …alarming when Westerwelle proclaims Germany’s UN abstention as the birth of a new foreign policy doctrine. In the future, Germany wants to cherry-pick its own partners in the world. That can be France, Britain and America, but it could also on occasion be Brazil or India. The principle of "If in doubt, stick with the West’" no longer applies…

…This Germany wants its role in the Security Council to be about abolishing child soldiers and landmines, not about imposing no-fly zones. It wants to leave the unpleasant matters for others to sort out…

…Our partners are as averse to an overbearing Germany as they are to a Germany that shirks its responsibilities. The government is currently doing both at the same time: shooting its mouth off and ducking away.

The desire to have it both ways is a powerful thing, but tends to work poorly in long-term international geopolitics.


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