Libya: where does end, when does it end, what does it cost?

Posted: March 30, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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What’s the Libyan endgame?  Not really sure.

What’s the Libyan timetable?  Haven’t worked that out.

What’s the Libyan price tag?  It depends.

Loren Thompson argues it’s about $2 billion per day because of sunk costs.

The military-accounting complex says about $550 million to date based on incremental costs, with over half coming in the form of munitions expenditures.

So, the real answer is “it depends.”  Still, if all the numbers had to be teased out and put on a balance sheet (and based on the fact the Pentagon remains inauditable) I’d offer Thompson’s estimate is probably a more accurate representation of reality.

Why does it matter? If you believe the CJCS, the U.S. government’s debt is the most significant national security threat we face.


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