You Saw The Whole of the Moon: a Song of Space and Nuclear War

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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“You Saw The Whole of the Moon” by the Waterboys, recorded and released in 1985.  Chances are very good you’ve never heard of this song; that’s ok, ‘cause now you will.  Let’s see: you have to dig the celestial references like I saw the crescent; You saw the whole of the moon; You stretched for the stars; you filled the skies; I spoke about wings; you just flew; you know how it feels to get too high too far too soon; you came like a comet, blazing your trail; and even the ominous reference to potential space weapons: cannonballs.  It gets a bit weird at the end with the sound effects, trumpets, and wispy falsetto background, but I like it. I mean I really like it.  What’s not to like?  Five stars.

A song of space and nuclear war…well, space anyway.



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