Iran Tests “Space Launch System”

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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Here’s a howler:

Iran on Tuesday conducted a trial flight of a new rocket designed to lift satellites and animals into orbit…

Do you think Iran’s test of their space launch system might have something to do with their desire to be able and deliver nuclear weapons?

That very question has crossed my mind.  In fact, it’s crossed my mind a couple of times.

Beyond that, I’m even willing to bet that the ‘payloads’ they use on their ‘space launch vehicles’ have the sort of mass characteristics and flight profiles needed to deliver weapons.

Just an idea.

As if Iran could possibly hope to gain something from the study of animals in space which doesn’t already exist.  Please.

So while a code of conduct is a useful form of self-restraint for those who are willing to self-restrain, it doesn’t matter much for miscreants, cheaters, the insane, criminals, and liars.


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