Space Policy = What’s Funded = Regulatory Capture

Posted: February 23, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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Regulatory capture challenges every benefit new space stands to bring forward.

Read more about regulatory capture and commercial space here.

If you like government space, you may also enjoy government cheese.

  1. […] Space Policy = What’s Funded = Regulatory Capture – Songs of Space & Nuclear Warfare […]

  2. […] Why?  Because if we don’t, the OST will continue to inhibit the commercial use of space and without such commercialization, space will continue to suffer the consequences of being largely dependent on government programs and subsidies. This means that space should be viewed as a frontier and not as an extraterrestrial commons (as the OST views space and do other platitudinous sayings such as ‘space reflects the common heritage of mankind’).  A frontiers mentality has a goal of making life better on earth and that’s what free-markets are best at.  Conversely, legacy government space programs have little or no interest in this area and are subject to regulatory capture. […]

  3. […] is a major departure from Eisenhower’s first vision, was fueled by the Cold War, and suffers from the effects of regulatory capture.  I’ll add that it was purposefully romanticized beyond recognition […]

  4. […] my friends, is another example of regulatory capture in its full gory […]

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