How to Resurrect U.S. Spacepower

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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  1. ST-1 says:

    How about having leaders with a commitment to a long range vision that benefits the United States’ interest, power and influence globally with regard to spacepower? If the national leadership keep drafting “policies” and “strategies” that aren’t created from a national focus but rather seem to be a jumping into the international or global bandwagons “US Spacepower” will take a back seat to the “global consensus”. When international documents such as Global Exploration Strategy or EU Code are cited as the “cornerstone” of US space policy and goals, they (US space leaders) cease to be advocates, planners and strategists for the advancement of US Spacepower. If we are to engage in international space cooperation in the leadership role, we must first see to the strength and leadership of our US spacepower in all sectors. Otherwise we become mere participants in mankinds quest into the solar system.

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