Bloomberg reports that Defense Secretary Robert Gates and French Defense Minister Alain Juppe are to sign a cooperative agreement to try and reduce the risk of space accidents and collisions.  They are scheduled to sign today, Tuesday 8 February 2011.


If we ever get to see or read the agreement, it will be interesting to determine how equitable it is.  That is, are the costs/services each nation provides commensurate with the risk reduction/benefits each nation receives?  Or will the agreement be more like NATO?  (expect the latter)


It would be reasonable to think the agreement will be very similar to one the U.S. made with Australia last fall.  However, Australia’s geography provides one h-u-g-e benefit: they can have a radar site there that provides southern hemisphere space coverage and can look right at China for their southerly space launches (and sideways for Indian launches as well).

Consider “Radiate day and night, China now can’t conceal” in lieu of “I’ve been driving all night my hands are wet on the wheel.”  Just a thought.


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