Galileo Fail

Posted: January 21, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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Galileo, the European version of GPS, will be late to need, incapable of creating revenue, and much more costly than imagined. 

Who would’ve thought?

From Space News:

The European Commission, after months of tiptoeing around the issue, has informed its 27 member governments that the Galileo satellite navigation system will not reach full service until 2020 at the earliest and will be much more costly to field than previously disclosed.

Once deployed, the Galileo network will be unable to generate more than a token amount of revenue and will be more expensive to operate than forecast, even without considering the cost of replacing aging satellites with new ones…

Cost, performance, and schedule: the acid tests of acquisition.  And Galileo is looking at being 50 percent over cost, at least seven years late, and with no way of creating the revenues envisioned.

So why was Galileo started in the first place? 

It was a space jobs/space ego project for Europe, plain and simple.


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